What are the best films available to watch online this week? Check out our recommendations:



Watch Metropolis for free on Hulu

The bottom line is that you can't consider yourself a cinephile if you haven't seen Metropolis, the 1927 Fritz Lang epic that shaped modern filmmaking. Subject to numerous botched revivals over the last 87 years, Hulu has the one of the most complete restorations currently available on offer right now. Watch and learn, young film-lover. Watch and learn.








The Wolf of Wall Street

Watch The Wolf of Wall Street on Amazon Instant Video

Yeah, it's got lots of hookers, an epic amount of drugs (especially Quaaludes), and more utterances of the F-word than I've heard since moving away from New Jersey, but it also features Leonardo DiCaprio's best-ever work. Visually, it's obviously a Scorcese flick, but it's probably his most forward-looking work in decades.







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