What are the best films available to watch online this week? Check out our recommendations:


Das Boot

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No, it's not about a shoe. It's about a boat—a German U-boat, to be specific. It's long (149 minutes), and it has subtitles, but it's a seminal war film (perhaps the seminal war film) because of its intense devotion to realism. Its focus is on the lives and daily labors of the crew of the U-96 and the long periods boredom aboard a submarine. Despite the screenplay's focus on that monotony, Das Boot is ultimately a fascinating character study paired with exquisite cinematography






Galaxy Quest

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Galaxy Quest might be the greatest Star Trek movie of all time. Skewering everything from the special effects to actors' egos, the fans, and even the concept of a "communications officer," it's both a wickedly funny parody, and a fully-developed world of its own. Sure, the plot structure seems to have been directly lifted from Three Amigos!, but hey, there are worse to steal from. The cast is top-notch and exceptionally committed; in fact, it might just be the best work of Tim Allen's career (not a high bar, admittedly, but he really is terrific as a deluded Shatner clone), while Alan Rickman is clearly having a ball as the long-suffering, Shakespearian-trained Alexander Dane. Besides, after Das Boot, you'll need a laugh or twelve.




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