Two Brides (1919)

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Prince Marko (Courtenay Foote) finds a lovely new sculpture to add to his collection, created by artist Donata di Marchesi (Hal Reid). The beautiful young girl who was the model for the statue is di Marchesi's daughter Diana (Lina Cavalieri), and when the Prince meets her, he falls in love with her, too. But Diana's romantic attentions are captured by her reprobate cousin, Count Gabrielle (Warburton Gamble). To get him out of the way, the Prince bribes him to leave the Mediterranean island where Diana lives with her father. He does, and shortly thereafter, Donata dies and Diana marries the Prince. But later, when she discovers that her husband "bought" her, Diana is enraged. Believing that the Prince does not really love her, she smashes the statue to bits and goes back to her island. Both Prince Marko and Count Gabrielle follow after her, and the two men fight it out on a high cliff. With a knife, Gabrielle slashes the Prince, but the Prince uses his last ounce of strength to shove Gabrielle off the cliff. Then the Prince falls in a faint and Diana finally realizes how much she loves him. He is critically ill for days, his mind affected by the struggle, but Diana brings him to by bringing a pedestal into his room and posing like the destroyed statue.