Now on AllMovie you can submit your own reviews on the movies that have changed your life or critique one of those film school staples that you’ve always thought was overrated. Channel your inner Roger Ebert, Leonard Maltin or Joe Bob Briggs and let other readers know what they should be watching next (or avoiding altogether).

Reading and Writing Reviews

Now on movie pages, you’ll see a tab that says User Reviews. From here, logged-in users can write, edit and submit their own reviews for display on AllMovie. Give us your insights, opinions and raves to help other AllMovie users find that hidden gem that needs the spotlight. The reviews must be between 50 and 3,000 characters in length and some HTML is accepted: <b> or <strong> for bold, <i> or <em> for italics, <br> for line breaks. Because spam is horrible, we will not be allowing hyperlinks in these user-submitted reviews.

Upvoting and Moderating the AllMovie Community

As a logged-in user, you have the ability to guide the AllMovie community toward the more helpful reviews. Each user review contains a Thumbs Up and a Thumbs Down icon, so that logged-in users can mark the reviews they find most helpful (or downgrade a review that doesn't add value to the site). Additionally, if a review is offensive, spammy, or otherwise inappropriate, clicking the "Report Inappropriate" link will notify us that the review might need moderation or removal.