Product Submissions

Where does AllMovie get its information?

The film, artist and DVD information on AllMovie comes from our data provider, Tivo. Tivo provides us with written content like reviews, synopses and biographies, tagged metadata like Genres, Styles, Moods, Themes and Similar Movies, as well as information about credits, movie posters, trailers and a ton of other good stuff. Providing your product to Tivo is the best way to get your information on AllMovie.

How can I have my CD, DVD, or game added to the Tivo database?

You can mail Tivo one copy of the product along with any relevant promotional materials, such as artist bios and press releases, and email a single message containing artist and release images (in JPEG format and at least 300 pixels wide) and other promotional materials using the addresses below. Tivo adds products and other materials to their databases at their discretion. By submitting products and other materials to Tivo, you acknowledge and agree that those products and materials will not be returned to you, will become the property of Tivo upon receipt and may be used by Tivo at its discretion. All products and materials should be sent to:

By Mail:

Product Submissions
Tivo Corporation
100 Phoenix Drive, Suite 201
Ann Arbor, MI 48108-2202

By Email:

For music

For movies and television

For video games

For books

What happens once Tivo receives my product?

Your CD or DVD will go through data entry, scanning, and sampling processes, in which everything from credits to track listings to cover art to sound samples will be added to the database. Tivo editors may also assign descriptors such as genres, styles, and moods to the artist or movie. Your product will then be stored in Tivo's archive in case there is a future need to review, update, or correct the data.

How long will it take for my product to appear on the AllMovie web site?

Due to the volume of inquiries we receive, we're unable to provide a personal response about the status of your feedback. Tivo prioritizes their workload based on factors such as the needs of the retailers and distributors who license their data, and it can take several months before they are able to cover artists and bands that do not fit these criteria.

My title is a theatrical film, not a physical product. Can it still be listed in the database?

Certainly. Simply submit a press kit to one of the Product Submissions address listed above. When emailing images, please compile them into a single message and be sure they're in JPEG format and at least 300 pixels wide.

Will Tivo review or synopsize my product, or write my biography?

Tivo tries to add movies and artist bios -- as well as review and synopsize as many CDs, films, and DVDs -- as possible, but they can't make any promises about which titles and performers will receive this level of enhanced editorial coverage. Resource constraints make it necessary for them to prioritize work based on factors such as the needs of the retailers and distributors who license their data.

If I send you my biography or a write-up on my product, will you add it to your database?

Tivo's editorial policy is that all reviews, synopses, and biographies must written by their staff and freelance contributors, so they cannot simply copy and paste content supplied by artists and labels or studios. However, this copy is very helpful to them as research material, so please do send it along.

Who can I contact regarding the status of my submission?

Due to the volume of inquiries we receive, we're unable to provide a personal response about the status of your product being entered into the Tivo database. We are also unable to grant requests that your title be moved up in priority or entered into the database within a specific time frame.

My product information is appearing on the AllMovie website, but not on some of the e-commerce sites that Tivo supplies data to. Can you fix that?

It is up to each Tivo licensee to determine what products they present on their sites. Any questions you have about the presentation of your product on other sites should be directed to the owners of those sites.