Yvonne from Paris (1919)

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Yvonne Halbert (Mary Miles Minter) has a very successful career as a dancer in Paris. The only problem is that her strict aunt (Vera Lewis) keeps very tight reins on her. The girl wants to cut loose, so she runs away and travels in steerage from France to New York City, where she has a contract to perform onstage anyway. Since Yvonne is innocent, unchaperoned and faced with the glittering sordidness of the Big Apple, trouble is bound to come her way, but she's kept from harm by the musical's author, Lawrence Bartlett (Allan Forrest). Yvonne almost loses her gig when a French Apache dancer, Cecile (Rosemary Theby) claims that Yvonne is not who she claims to be, but the aunt shows up in the nick of time with the proper credentials. And of course, she has won the heart of the playwright, so the film ends with the requisite clinch.