Youth's Desire (1920)

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Flying was still quite a novelty when this lively comedy-drama was made. Country boy Bud Wise (Joseph Bennett) wants nothing more than to be an aviator. He even tries building a plane out of pieces of junk and a motorcycle engine. His neighbors laugh at him, but he persists and eventually the contraption is able to run on the ground. Bud is so sure that the thing will take flight that he announces a public trial. Everyone is there -- his parents, his sweetheart, Edith Kent (Doris Baker), his rival for Edith's hand, and even the mayor, who offers to be the first passenger. Unfortunately, Bud and the mayor merely bump around the field until the so-called plane topples over. Bud leaves town in disgrace, but soon he is writing home about how he is shining amidst the aviation aces. Of course, he's only shining their planes, but Edith, his parents, and the rival come to visit. Bud desperately tries to get out of having to fly a plane, but he winds up in one of the machines anyhow. It starts and he can't stop it. When he tries to read the manual, it blows out of his hands. Somehow he manages to regain control and impress his visitors -- and the aviators, too. He lands to find Edith waiting for him with open arms.