You Find It Everywhere (1921)

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This drama certainly has a solid foundation -- it was based on a Saturday Evening Post story by Booth Tarkington and Henry Leon Wilson. The father of Andrew Gibson (Herbert Rawlinson) owns a piano factory, and when he dies, he leaves shares in the business to all his workers. Andrew is in love with Nora Gorodna, a piano demonstrator (Catherine Calvert), but he has competition in Jose Ferra, one of the company's employees (Macy Harlan). While Andrew is struggling with management trouble at the company, society girl Lila Normand (Peggy Worth) and her scheming mother (Dora Mill Adams) decide he makes a good catch. They trick him into proposing to Lila, and Ferra convinces Nora that Andrew is toying with her. Andrew, fed up with the labor problems and with the manipulative Normands, gives the factory to the workers and tells Lila he will have to find work. Lila, realizing that he's no longer such a great catch, dumps him. Unfortunately, Nora has already accepted a proposal from Ferra. Andrew goes to the woods to get away from it all, but while he is gone, Ferra tries to wreck the company. Andrew returns and puts a halt to his plans. He also convinces Nora that he loves her, and she is glad to be rid of her evil fiancé.