You Can't Get Away with It (1923)

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This morality play is a bit different from others of its era -- the girl who is having an affair with a wealthy married man is not shown here as a gold digger, and the man isn't portrayed as a womanizing lecher. Because of family misfortune, society girl Jill Mackie (Betty Bouton) is forced to work in a department store for a living. Her circumstances send her to the verge of a breakdown, and she wins sympathy from the store's owner, Charles Hemingway (Percy Marmont). Hemingway's wife (Clarissa Selwyn) only married him for his money, and Jill provides him the companionship he has missed. Because the wife refuses to get a divorce, Jill and Hemingway have no choice but to carry on their affair in secret. Eventually he becomes ill and dies. With the money she has reluctantly accepted from Hemingway, Jill goes to France, where she meets and falls in love with Henry Adams (Malcolm McGregor). But it turns out that Adams is friends with Hemingway's son (Charles Cruz), so Jill is forced to confess her relationship. Adams follows after her, but instead of offering her love and forgiveness, he propositions her. Jill angrily turns him away and once again becomes a clerk in a store.