Yellow Bullet (1917)

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A group of people are held up in the desert, and the only survivors are Fred Fowler (Robyn Adair), his daughter Teresa (Lucy Payton) and Harry Hart (Bruce Smith). Fred carries Teresa to a cabin where he finds a pile of gold nuggets and a note which says the map to a mine can be found in a yellow bullet. He finds the bullet and buries it, but Hart desperately wants to get his hands on this information. When Fowler won't give it out, Hart handcuffs him and leaves him in the cabin to torture him into telling. But the old man manages to struggle to the place he buried the bullet, and loads it into his gun. When Hart comes back to torment him again, Fowler shoots him dead. He is saved from slow death by his daughter and her lover, a surgeon with the border guard (Neil Hardin), who had put together a rescue party. This short (four reel) feature was cheaply made, badly directed, and had little to recommend it.