Would You Forgive? (1920)

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In this drama, Vivian Rich plays the part of a woman who, it seems, is always having to forgive her selfish husband, and who has a secret herself. John Cleveland (Tom Chatterton) has a past, which his wife discovers when she reads some letters he has asked her to destroy. She forgives him for his mistakes, but they have another dilemma. The couple are childless, and even though he doesn't want her to, the wife goes behind his back and adopts a little girl. Her former fiancée, Paul Horton (Ben Deely), reappears at this juncture. He's now an ex-convict and wants to get some money out of her so he can get out of town. The wife gives him some jewelry, but when Cleveland discovers her with Horton, he accuses Horton of being the father of the adopted child. Then the truth comes out -- the girl is actually the daughter of Cleveland and his ex-mistress, who left her at the orphanage. Once again, Cleveland has to ask his wife to forgive him.