World's Great Snare (1916)

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Myra (Pauline Frederick) is weary of her life as a dance hall girl and settles down as the mistress of Huntley (Ferdinand Tidmarash). One day, she goes through his papers and discovers that he was once a butler to a Lord, and he is probably the only person who knows the whereabouts of the Lord's child, now grown. Huntley catches her sneaking around and beats her, so she indignantly returns to the dance hall. Meanwhile, Huntley borrows money from a gambler, Rutten (Riley Hatch), with the papers as collateral. Myra meets Bryan (Irving Cummings) at the dance hall and discovers that he is the Lord's son. Even though he leaves her twice, Myra steadfastly goes about obtaining the papers from Rutten. Out of gratitude, Bryan decides to remain with her.