Woman's Law (1916)

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Florence Reed plays the wife of a womanizer in this film, while Duncan McRae gets a plum dual role as the husband and a man with a striking resemblance to him. Orcutt (McRae) has an altercation with an artist, because he has been running around with the artist's girl. They fight, and the artist is killed. Orcutt's wife (Reed) is determined to somehow save him for the sake of their child, and in a park, she sees a man in a daze who looks just like her husband (also played by McRae). She turns him in to the police, who judge him insane and lock him up. Orcutt, meanwhile, vanishes. The man locked up as Orcutt is cured of his mental affliction and released, but his mind is a blank. He assumes that he must be Orcutt and returns to Mrs. Orcutt and her child. Unlike her real husband, this man turns out to be a nice guy, so she falls in love with him. But the real Orcutt reappears and breaks into the house. The butler, thinking he is a burglar, shoots him. A newspaper reporter helps track down the nameless man's real identity, and since Orcutt is dead, he and Mrs. Orcutt are free to marry.