Woman's Awakening (1917)

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Paula Letchworth (Seena Owen) is a naive girl from a wealthy but old-fashioned background. Lawyer Allan Cotter (A.D. Sears) loves her, but she instead marries the flashier Lawrence Topham (Charles Gerard). It turns out Lawrence was only interested in her money, which he quickly goes through. When he asks her for more, she says she will get it only if he will divorce her. He agrees, as he's equally tired of her and her mother (Kate Bruce). Paula goes to Cotter for help; although he assists her financially, he believes she is just using him and wants nothing more to do with her. But Paula urges him to hear her explanation. On the day Allan is to come over, Lawrence has been giving Paula a hard time. While Lawrence is alone, a hand appears through the curtains and shoots him. Just then Paula enters the room and Allan comes in the door. Both believe the other responsible for the crime, but in the end, they discover that it was Paula's mother, sick of seeing her daughter suffer. This knowledge helps bring the couple together.