Woman Who Lied (1915)

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Cleo, an actress (Mary Fuller), has been seeing Gordon Trent (Paul Panzer) behind her husband's back. The husband finds them together in her dressing room and Trent kills him in the resulting fight. When Jack Stanley (Milton Sills) rushes in and picks up the gun, Cleo and Trent claim he is the murderer and he is convicted. Trent marries Jack's heart-broken, and very rich, fiancee, Helen (Edna Hunter), then spends most of her money on Cleo. But after a few years Trent tires of Cleo and dumps her. Cleo maliciously tells Helen the truth about her husband. Helen's child, however, inspires her better side, and the two women wind up joining forces. They head out West together, leaving Trent behind, and when their money runs low, Cleo secretly finds work at a dance hall. There she meets up with Jack, who has escaped from prison, and she brings him home to Helen. But Trent also shows up, and tries to round up a posse to capture Jack. He corners Jack at Helen's cabin, but he also has to contend with Cleo. She sends Jack to a secret cellar while she points a gun at Trent. On threat of death, he is forced to write out a full confession. Although Cleo allows him to escape, the posse thinks he is Jack and they shoot him down. With Trent out of the way and the confession in Cleo's hands, Jack and Helen are finally able to reunite permanently.