Woman Who Dared (1916)

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According to Variety this European-made picture probably came out of France. It starred Frencesca Bertini, who was already well-known in European cinema. The Count and Countess Bertrand (Albert Collins and Bertini) are prominent in society. The Count is also a lieutenant. The throw a society circus and part of the entertainment is ring master and circus rider Alexander Ivanoff (Emilo Ghione). But in reality Ivanoff is a spy, and with the aid of his wife (Leda Gys) he steals some documents from the Count which involve the mobilization of troops. When the papers turn up missing Bertrand is court martialed and sent to prison for a 12-year sentence. The Countess is determined to track down Ivanoff and she disguises herself as a masked circus rider to get his attention. She arranges a meeting with him, at which she unmasks herself and obtains the documents at the point of a gun. She drops one on her way out, but it is picked up by her servant Alexis. Ivanoff rushes out and with the help of a powerful automobile (most of them didn't have much horsepower back in those days), he beats the Countess to the border. He has her arrested and takes the papers back. Fortunately Alexis still has the one document and that is enough to prove Bertrand's innocence. Interestingly, another picture by the same name was released a year later. The two are not related but both involve espionage and stolen documents.