Woman under Oath (1919)

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Eleven men and one woman are on the jury when Jim O'Neil (Gareth Hughes) is being tried for murder. O'Neil was found holding a revolver and bending over the dead body of his former employer, Edward Knox (David Powell). The evidence looks bad -- at the last moment, his fiancee, Helen (Mildred Cheshire) admits she was ruined by Knox and that she believes O'Neil killed him. But when the jury goes into deliberation, the ballot is eleven to one for conviction. The holdout is Grace Norton (Florence Reed), and nothing can convince her to change her mind. Then she hears word that her sister (budding star May MacAvoy) has died, and she tells her fellow jurors that the girl was also ruined by Knox. The truth of the matter is that Grace is Knox's killer. After hearing her story, the other jurors change their votes to "not guilty," and since they feel justice was served by killing the villainous Knox, they keep Grace's admission to themselves.