Woman on the Index (1919)

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In her first film for the Goldwyn Company, Pauline Frederick is Sylvia Martin, a destitute young woman who is taken home by Louis Gordon (Jere Austin). She doesn't realize he's the leader of a gang of crooks until after she marries him. The police raid his hideout and he shoots himself to avoid capture and a long jail term. Sylvia is accused of his death and jailed, but eventually she is absolved of guilt and released. She finds work as a secretary to David Maber (Wyndham Standing), and winds up marrying him. They have an ideal marriage, but one day she finds police records in her husband's library and sees her name mentioned in reference to Gordon's gang. After that, she lives in fear of having her past discovered. When one of the detectives who led the raid reappears as head of the Secret Service, she is ready to panic, but the man assures her that he will keep her secret -- providing she help him nab a certain anarchist, Hugo Declasse (Willard Mack, Frederick's real-life husband). She agrees, and comes onto Declasse to spark his interest. Unfortunately her husband finds her in a compromising position and angrily throws her out of their home. Declasse is suspicious of Sylvia's motives and tries to trick her by giving the papers he thinks she wants to his Japanese valet. However, the valet is in league with Sylvia and the Secret Service, so Declasse is caught with the goods, and after a lot of explanation, Sylvia is reunited with her husband. This picture was adapted from the play of the same name by Lillian Trimble Bradley and George Broadhurst. In addition to his role as Declasse, Willard Mack also wrote the scenario.