Woman He Loved (1922)

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Famed character actor William V. Mong wrote the screenplay to this drama, in which he is also starred. Although his acting is better than his screenwriting ability (with the story's broad scope, it's clear he's bitten off more than he could chew in five reels), he's aided by an excellent supporting cast. A Russian Jewish couple, Nathan and Esther Levinsky (Mong and Marcia Manon), are persecuted in their home country, so they escape to America. Eventually Esther runs away with the shady Max Levy (Fred Malatesta), and circumstances force her to give up her little boy, David (Bruce Guerin), to be adopted by the wealthy Danvers family. Nathan travels to California, where he builds up a ranch next door to John Comstock (Charles French), who is prejudiced against the Jewish race. Little does he know that Jimmy Danvers (Edward Sutherland), the sweetheart of his daughter, Helen (Mary Wynn), is Nathan's long-lost son. Nathan himself only discovers the truth when Jimmy bares his arm in a fight and reveals an identifying mark. He says nothing, however, and when a fire wipes him out, he starts over again in San Francisco. Jimmy's adopted father reveals the truth of his parentage, and the young man goes in search of Nathan. Although Comstock is shocked to discover that Jimmy is Jewish, he and Helen go in search of him anyhow. Once they reach the city, Helen vanishes. Nathan runs into Esther and finds Helen in Max Levy's company. He risks his life to rescue her. Comstock overcomes his prejudices, and gives his blessing to Helen and Jimmy.



abandonment, adoption, daughter, engagement, gangster, immigrant, love, millionaire, missing-person, orphan, poverty