Wolves of the Rail (1918)

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Buck Andrade is your classic good-bad man, so it's no surprise that he's played by William S. Hart. He has terrorized his part of the West with his gang of bandits but when his dying mother begs him to go straight, he does. While on the train heading back to town, Buck meets David Cassidy (not the '70s pop star but C. Normand Hammond), a detective who has been hired by railroad president Murray Lemantier (Melbourne MacDowell) to capture Buck, dead or alive. When Cassidy figures out who Buck is, the two men battle it out, but Buck easily overpowers Cassidy. He then locks him up in a cabin and takes his identification. Posing as Cassidy, Buck rounds up most of the gang he once led. He also becomes romantically involved with Faith Lawson (Vola Vale). The only bandits left free are Pablo Trilles (Billy Elmer) and his brother Pasquale (Thomas Kurihara). They release Cassidy, who meets his boss, Lemantier, at the station. They're determined to get Buck, but Buck meanwhile is saving a train load of soldiers and defeating the rest of his old gang. After all these heroic deeds, the grateful railroad head makes it easy for Buck and Faith to make a getaway.