Wolves of the Night (1919)

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Manly William Farnum stars in this Fox melodrama. Because mining engineer Bruce Andrews (Farnum) has not been able to find any copper ore on his land, he turns it into a sheep ranch. Edmund Rawn (Charles Clary), who owns the mine next to Andrews' ranch, knows better, and he is determined to get his hands on the land. Rawn's partner, Burton Mortimer, is interested in Isabel Hollins (Louise Lovely), a young girl from the East, but she marries Andrews. All this is enough reason for the two bad guys to want Andrews out of the way, so Rawn hires him to investigate a mine down in Chile, and they blow it up while he is inspecting it. Andrews is assumed to be buried alive, but he actually escapes, his memory shattered. Isabel is told that her husband is dead, and eventually marries Mortimer. Andrews' memory finally comes back and he returns home to find Mortimer married to Isabel and his land controlled by his enemies. He leaves when Mortimer convinces him that it would be in Isabel's best interests if he didn't show his face. Eventually, however, Andrews finally comes out on top by ruining his foes on the stock market and reuniting with Isabel.