Wishing Ring Man (1919)

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Even though she is almost 20, Joy Havenith (Bessie Love) is forced to wear little girl dresses and pigtails, all to please her strict grandfather (Willie Marks), who uses her as inspiration for his poems. Understandably, Joy finds this situation hard to tolerate, and one day she pours out her troubles to a portrait of her dead Aunt Luvilla. John Hewitt (J. Frank Glendon) overhears her and tells her that her dreams will come true, if she wishes them hard enough. During the summer, Joy wants to visit a married couple in the city, but her grandparents have always insisted that she could not leave home until she was engaged. To be able to get out of the house, Joy says that she has been secretly engaged to Hewitt. Hewitt agrees to go along with the ruse, which does not please Gale Maddox (Claire DuBrey), who wants him for herself. Joy becomes convinced that Hewitt loves Gale, and she returns home in despair. Hewitt, however, has fallen in love with Joy, and he follows after her to propose for real.