Winning Girl (1919)

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Major Milligan (well-respected character actor Theodore Roberts) wanted a son but instead he got Jemmy (Shirley Mason). His wife dies giving birth to a second child, this time a boy, and a few years later the Major marries a widow with three children. As the oldest sibling, Jemmy becomes a tomboyish second mother to the brood. But when she meets up with Stanley Templeton (Niles Welch), an aviator on furlough, her femininity finally comes to the fore and a romance blossoms. Stan's wealthy mother (Helen Dunbar), however, refuses to give the union her blessing. Jemmy won't marry Stan without the mother's permission and he returns to France to continue fighting in the Great War. At this juncture, Jemmy discovers that her father is horribly in debt, and despite his protests, she rounds up all her brothers and sisters and they go to work in a factory. On the job, Jemmy uncovers the evil deeds of a German spy who is trying to destroy a quantity of airplane cloth. She is given a large reward and much publicity, and Mrs. Templeton is now sorry she disapproved of the girl. None of this can cheer up Jemmy, however, because she hasn't heard from Stan in months. But one day, as she's leaving the factory, she finds Stan waiting for her. Just then, news comes in that the armistice has been signed, and this adds to the happiness of the couple's engagement.