Wildcat of Paris (1919)

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The Wildcat of Paris is Colette (Priscilla Dean), the sweetheart of a criminal gangleader. Colette and her lover break into the home of a famous sculptor, hoping to steal a statue worth 20,000 francs. The sculptor catches them in the act, and though the gang boss escapes, Colette does not and is kept prisoner by the would-be victim. Looking her over from head to foot, the sculptor slyly promises not to turn Colette over to the cops if she will agree to pose for him in the nude. By and by, Colette falls in love with her gentle captor, whereupon her fellow gang members decide that she must be eliminated. But by this time, our heroine has been "inspired" by the story of Joan of Arc as related to her by her sculptor lover, and she single-handedly fights off her attackers. Her devotion to the memory of Saint Joan continues to serve Colette well when the Germans try to invade Paris in the waning days of WWI. The climax finds "avenging angel" Colette leading the Parisian peasants in a counteroffensive against the hateful Huns.