Wild Strain (1918)

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Winifred Hollywood (Nell Shipman) comes from a family that is proud of its ancestry -- that, is except for its one wild strain, which Winifred has inherited. Since she is engaged to Harold Burton (Alfred Whitman), her father (Otto Lederer invites his parents over so they can check each other out. But when one of Winifred's former suitors, Kingsley Royce (Edward Alexander), comes by her wild streak causes her to take off and jump on a runaway circus horse. She winds up taking over in the ring for a sick bareback rider and after that, the Burtons decide she is not a suitable mate for their son. But when Royce gets involved with a gang of crooks who want to hold up the bank where Harold works, Winifred's wild streak comes in handy. She takes off one night for a ride and happens across the gang discussing their plans. She tells Harold, who enlists the help of Colonel Bull, the circus owner and they halt the robbery. The Burtons -- who, it turns out, have a black sheep in their distant past, too -- decide that Winifred is acceptable after all and she gets to marry Harold.