Why I Would Not Marry (1918)

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The makers of this picture apparently stole its premise from the successful stage play, Eyes of Youth, then slapped on an intriguing title and starred Lucy Fox, unfortunately billed as "the most beautiful woman on earth" (while she's not unattractive, there are any number of silent stars more alluring). Adele Moore (Fox) has four suitors and has to decide which one to marry. With the help of a crystal ball given to her by a swami, she sees what her future would be with each one. None of it is good news: the banker is a crook, the lawyer is faithless, the doctor neglects her, and the poor clerk gets in trouble and asks her to compromise herself to square things with his boss. Wisely, Adele chooses none of them, and with the help of her father, buys a department store in a small town. But they aren't very good business people and the store is about to fail when a salesman happens along and becomes manager for a half interest. While Adele and her father are away, he turns the store around, and when they return, she and the salesman marry. The actual play, Eyes of Youth, would be made into a feature less than a year later, starring Clara Kimball Young.