Why Germany Must Pay (1919)

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This heavily anti-German propaganda film was released a couple of months after the end of World War I. It opens with Alsatian Conrad Le Brett (Creighton Hale) gladly finishing his enforced service in the German Army. He and his family -- father (E.J. Connelly) and sister Vilma (Florence Billings) all hate the fact that the Alsace-Lorraine is under the thumb of the Prussians. But Conrad is not yet done with the army -- war begins and once again he is called to serve the Germans. After seeing the way his officers abuse civilians, he learns to hate Germany even more. When he tries to help a woman and child, Conrad is shot because of the uniform he wears. He ends up in the Belgian hospital where Edith Cavell is making sure both sides are being properly cared for. There, he meets an American nurse, Amy Gordon (Helen Ferguson), and they fall in love. After Conrad's family is murdered by the Germans, he escapes to America and goes to work for the Secret Service. The U.S. enters the war, and he is given American citizenship so he can go fight in Europe. Once there he comes in contact with Lieutenant Ober (Earl Schenck), who was responsible for the deaths of his father and sister, and is gratified to have revenge. At the war's end, Conrad returns to America and to Amy.