Who's Your Servant? (1920)

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Admiral Bancroft (Andrew Robeson) has plans for a new battle cruiser, but one day they are stolen. Coincidentally, Lieutenant Clifford Bruce (William Scott) has been seeing Bancroft's daughter, Madeleine (Lois Wilson), and has accidentally left a love letter to her on her father's desk. He sneaks through the window to retrieve it, and as a result, he becomes the number one suspect in the theft of the plans. Madeleine, however, believes that the guilty culprit is the family's servant, Ito Natsume (Yukio Aoyama). She knows that Ito is in love with her, so she easily gains his trust and he invites her to his room. Once there, he shows her the plans and asserts that they will bring enough money so that the two of them can run away together. Madeleine snatches up the plans, and in the ensuing struggle, Ito is stabbed to death. Because he is Oriental, it is immediately assumed that he committed hari-kari. Bancroft gets his plans back, and Madeleine and Bruce win her father's consent.