Who Violates the Law (1915)

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This melodrama was made by 1910s silent director and leading man Arthur Johnson. He plays Bob Nelson, a reporter who is investigating Mother Bond (Eleanor Blanchard), who runs a joint which illegally sells liquor. To escape prosecution, Mother Bond has been bribing Sheriff Black (Bernard Seigel), whose daughter Lena (Lottie Briscoe) happens to be Nelson's sweetheart Nelson goes in disguise to Mother Bond's place and a melee breaks out which results in the death of one of its habitu├ęs. Nelson, who is held for the murder, reveals that the joint is selling illegal liquor. Mother Bond is arrested and fined, and she believes that Sheriff Black is at the bottom of it all. She decides to get revenge through his daughter and holds her hostage. But one of Mother Bond's underlings, Hanky Pank (Howard Mitchell), tries to save the girl, and in the confusion, Lena is able to phone her father. While the sheriff's men are on their way, Mother Bond is killed in the struggle and a fire breaks out. The posse finally arrives and drags Lena and Pank from the collapsing building. It is too late for Pank, but before he dies, he confesses that he committed the murder which Nelson is thought to have done.