Who Killed Walton? (1918)

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Who Killed Walton? was adapted from The Veil, a magazine story by Norman Sherbrooke. Heroine Marian Emlen (Mary Mersch) is on the verge of marrying Austin Booth (Edward Brady), an Upton Sinclair-like muckraking journalist. Political boss George Hamilton (J. Barney Sherry) is sweet on Marian, but she spurns him because he refuses to knuckle under to Booth's heavy-handed reform policies. Through a series of bizarre circumstances, a dazed Marian finds herself standing over the dead body of book illustrator Farnum Walton. Having no memory of how she came to be in Walton's apartment, and terrified that she might be a murderess, Marian goes to Hamilton for help. The crafty politico is able to remove suspicion from Marian but cannot stem the rumors that the heroine was Walton's mistress. The priggish Booth breaks off his engagement to Marian, leaving Hamilton with a clear field. Rather than take advantage of the situation, Hamilton sets about to learn the identity of the real killer, so that Marian and Booth can be reunited. Once the guilty party has confessed, Booth self-righteously "forgives" Marian and offers to take her back. But by this time, Marian is fed up with the sanctimonious Booth and plights her troth with Hamilton, who may be a crook, but is at least a decent crook.