Who Killed Joe Merrion? (1915)

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Sir Philip Randall, a prominent judge (Joseph Kilgour), is fed up with the antics of James, his scapegrace son (Sidney Rankin Drew), and tosses him out of the house. The conflict between father and son leaves Mrs. Randall (Rose Tapley) heartbroken, and when she dies, she makes her husband swear to help James if he ever needs it. When Joe Merrion, a bookmaker (Denton Vane), is found dead, circumstantial evidence points to Squire William Rufford (J. Herbert Frank). Although Randall can't believe he committed the crime, he is forced to convict him and sentence him to prison. But later, when James, whose wild ways have left him penniless, comes to his father for help, Randall discovers that he was the killer. He lets James get away, but that very night, Rufford breaks out of prison and kills Randall. James finds his father dead the next day. Rufford keeps quiet about Merrion's murder, providing James doesn't reveal the judge's murderer.