White Scar (1915)

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Unlike some others in his line of work, trapper Na-Ta-Nan-Gan (Hobart Bosworth) is a friend to Native Americans, and one Indian girl, Wenonah (Anna Lehr), is especially devoted to him. When Na-Ta-Nan-Gan takes his skins to the Hudson Bay trading post, he meets pretty Janet Mackintosh (Jane Novak), but Janet is already promised to the less-than-honorable Henri (Ronald Bradbury). Henri steals skins Na-Ta-Nan-Gan has sold and gives them to Red Pete (Seymour Zelliff). Then, he pins the theft on Janet's brother Robert (Frank Newburg). To save Robert, Na-Ta-Nan-Gan takes the blame and is jailed. But that night, Robert -- who knows the trapper is innocent -- helps him break out and encourages him to run off with his sister. So Na-Ta-Nan-Gan and Janet get married and go into hiding. Eventually a child is born and Red Pete makes a death bed confession which implicates Henri. Henri is sentenced to La Longe Traverse -- being sent into the wilderness for three days without nourishment -- and is found by Wenonah. He lies to her and says he is in search of Na-Ta-Nan-Gan, and she brings him to the couple's hut. The two men go trapping, and Henri pushes Na-Ta-Nan-Gan off a cliff then tells Janet he has died in an accident. But Na-Ta-Nan-Gan isn't dead -- Wenonah finds him and nurses him back to health. The two men meet up again and battle it out. It looks bad for Na-Ta-Nan-Gan until Wenonah throws herself in front of him and is wounded. Na-Ta-Nan-Gan is then able to kill Henri, and he and Janet are reunited. The long-winded story to this picture was written by star Bosworth, who also wrote the subtitles, copying the style of the Longfellow poem, "Hiawatha."