When Love Grows Cold (1925)

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Love had already grown cold for Natacha Rambova and her ex-husband, Rudolph Valentino, when this film came out. Why Rambova, a talented costume and set designer, chose to act in any picture, much less this tawdry exploitation film, is a mystery; although she was hauntingly beautiful, she had neither the presence nor personality to be a film star, and since she had worked in motion pictures for eight years by 1925, she must have already known it. Margaret (Rambova) gives up her stage career to marry Jerry Benson, an ambitious but rather ineffectual businessman (a wasted Clive Brook). The plans he presents to a big oil board fail to impress, so Margaret takes matters into her own hands and convinces the board to accept them. Benson becomes a huge success and makes an immense amount of money. William Graves, the company's president (Sam Hardy), lusts after Margaret and is determined to break up her marriage. He sends Gloria Trevor (Kathryn Hill) to seduce Benson, whom he also plots to ruin in the stock market. His schemes, however, are unsuccessful and Benson and Margaret end the film united once again. The story to this picture was based on a novel by then-popular author Laura Jean Libbey.