When It Strikes Home (1915)

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As with most trade papers, Motion Picture News was favorably inclined to the majority of films it reviewed (after all, many of those who purchased the magazine and advertised in it were the same people who made the pictures), but even they had to admit that this drama was second rate. While on a drunken spree, Dick Hartley (Edwin August) weds a musical comedy performer, Vera (Grace Washburn). His father quickly has the marriage annulled and sends his wayward son to South America. Dick eventually forgets all about Vera and marries another girl. He has no idea that Vera has had a child, and purely by coincidence he and his second wife adopt the boy. He grows up (to be played by William Baily) and becomes a surgeon. One of his rivals finds out that he is adopted and tries to ruin his career by claiming he is the son of a criminal. But Vera, who has given up the stage and become Sister Ursula, reveals his true parentage.