What He Forgot (1914)

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Jerold Hevener both directed and starred in this split-reel comedy in which early film comedienne Mae Hotely is prominently featured. A film is being shot on-location and Bill Bailey (Hevener) stops to watch the crew working. The director sees him and puts him in the film as an extra who gets the opportunity to kiss the leading lady (Nellie Farron). Bailey, excited by his newfound stardom, tells his friend about his adventure. The friend suggests that Bailey keep it all a secret from his wife. Fat chance on that -- Bella Bailey (Hotely) is a big movie fan and she and her mother (Eloise Willard) both see the picture and are horrified. Bella is so incensed that she brings her brother (Royal Byron) and father (George Welch) down to see the film. When the scene comes up in which Bailey kisses the star, the whole family is up in arms and they go after the supposedly wayward husband. A policeman rescues Bailey, who takes his own ire out on his friend. Oliver Hardy, many years away from teaming up with Stan Laurel, appears in a bit role.