Week End Husbands (1924)

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Barbara Belden (Alma Rubens) loves luxury, and when she marries William Randall (Holmes E. Herbert), he finds that the only way he can support her lifestyle is to become a bootlegger. His illicit duties, however, keep him busy during the week and he is only around on the weekends. As a result, Barbara spends much of her idle time with a fast crowd. One man becomes interested in her and they go canoeing. Barbara, however, remains faithful to her husband, and when she and the man try to maneuver the canoe so they can return, they get in an accident. Gossip surrounds the incident and Randall and Barbara part ways. Barbara goes to Paris, and Randall's bootlegging activities are discovered by Federal Agents, putting a halt to his career. With no money coming in, all of Barbara's friends leave her. Even her mother (Margaret Dale) refuses to have anything to do with her. She finally wires her husband, and when she doesn't hear from him, she takes poison. He is actually on his way to her, arriving by plane. Even though there seems to be no hope, Barbara recovers and the couple reconcile.