Web of Life (1917)

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Vincent (George Soule Spencer), the lazy son of a wealthy father (Redfield Clarke), travels to the country in an attempt to clean up his act. There he meets Kitty Trent (Hilda Nord), and he offers to marry her. His intention is to hold a fake ceremony, but Kitty's childhood sweetheart, Tom Wilson (future director James Cruze), finds out about this scheme and threatens Vincent at gunpoint to make the wedding a real one. Vincent does, but afterwards goes on seeing other women, neglecting his wife and, later, baby. Lonely and desperate, Kitty calls on Tom to come to her aid, and Vincent's father mistakes the situation for something more salacious than it is. He verbally and physically abuses Kitty and then takes off. Tom returns and is ministering to her when Vincent, finally suffering pangs of remorse, walks in. A fight ensues between Vincent, Tom and Vincent's friend, (Frank Holland). Tom and the friend die of gunshot wounds, the father realizes his error, and Kitty and Vincent are reunited. The cheapness of this story and poor production of the film did little for the careers of anyone involved.