Way Women Love (1920)

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This convoluted murder mystery, based on a magazine story, "Behind the Green Portieres" by Herman Landon, was meant as a vehicle for Rubye DeRemer, who artist Paul Helleu had just designated as "the world's most beautiful woman." Barr (Walter Miller) and Trent (Henry Pemberton) both love Judith Reynard (DeRemer). Barr is prosecuting a crime syndicate and one of its members involves Trent in a scheme. Trent insults Judith publicly, and Barr threatens to kill him. Trent goes to Barr himself and tries to extort money from him by insisting that he will commit suicide and Barr will be held for his death. Before either man can make a move, a shot rings out and Trent falls dead. Judith shows up and takes Trent's pistol, which has not been discharged. Believing that she is helping her sweetheart, she fires it into a closet, which wounds a man who is hiding there. A detective (Walter D. Greene) arrives and when he can't find Barr, he believes him to be guilty. He opens up the closet and finds a dead man there. Judith, meanwhile, has found a trail of blood on the lawn. A man accosts her, who the detective recognizes as one of the syndicate members. He collars the man, who confesses that he killed Trent, then wounded Barr. He was also the man in the closet who Judith wounded. The dead man was the butler (Edward Elkas), who he had killed to keep silent. Barr recovers from his wound to unite with Judith.



blackmail, detective, investigation, jealousy, love, murder, murder/suicide, rival, suicide