Way Back (1915)

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This Edison four-reeler stars Miriam Nesbitt as a hard-boiled dame with the proverbial heart of gold. An heiress, Nesbitt is cheated out of her legacy by her crooked attorney. Auctioning all her worldly possessions, she tries to find a job for the first time in her life. Unable to attain employment, she makes her way to a cheap boarding house, where a glib gentleman thief appoints himself the girl's guardian. When the cops come calling, the thief persuades Nesbitt to take possession of some stolen jewels. She pawns the "hot ice" for a tidy profit, and thus begins a felicitous business partnership with the crook. By now quite jaded, Nesbitt vows to have revenge on the attorney who robbed her of her inheritance by ruining the attorney's handsome young son. Instead, she falls in love with the boy, whereupon she clears him of a phony embezzling charge, while simultaneously getting even with his no-good dad. Thoroughly reformed, Nesbitt finds her "way back" as the young man's loving wife.