Watch Out (1986)

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Not to be confused with popular actors Tony Leung Chiu-Wai or Tony Leung Kar-fai, set designer-turned-director Tony Leung Tung-lei spins this ultra-low-budget yarn. The film opens with dedicated Hong Kong cop Penguin (Chan Kwok-kuen) getting killed in the line of duty. When he gets to the afterlife, he manages to strike a deal with the caretakers of the pearly gates, allowing him to possess the body of a millionaire. The rich man immediately starts exhibiting very atypical behavior -- stops quail hunting, starts thinking about the poor as real people, and even starts to romance an attractive lass, Stella (Cher Yeung Suet-yee), of humble origins. Soon Penguin gets her pregnant, which not only violates his contract with heaven but also creates a serious epistemological question -- without the aid of in vitro fertilization, can a dead man sire a baby? Another ghost (Stanley Fung) eagerly jumps into this ambiguity, by possessing the fetus. In spite of Stella's numerous attempts to miscarry or abort the child, the ghost won't let go of the fetus.