Wasted Years (1916)

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Harry Weatherby (Crane Wilbur) is an old derelict, and when a passerby gives him some change, instead of buying food, he decides buy a gallery seat in a theater. As he watches the play, entitled "Youth," he sees his life unfold before him: Back home he was in love with June, the town milliner (Mae Gaston). But when he inherits a fortune from his uncle, he heads for the big city, assuring June that he'll come back for her. Not surprisingly, he gets wrapped up in celebrating his good luck, and one morning, he wakes up to find himself married to Billie (Jessie Burnett), an adventuress. June comes looking for Harry, and when she finds that he has married, she returns home, heartbroken. Billie, meanwhile, is trying to get her hands on Harry's bankroll, and when she is unsuccessful, she takes off. Harry goes in search of her, mainly because she is pregnant, and he wants the baby. He finally locates the child years later, after Billie has died. He heads back for his hometown with the little girl, but his car and all his belongings are taken by gypsies. He then discovers that June has married his rival. His little girl dies of consumption, and he becomes a drifter. At the play's end, an usher finds broken-down old Harry dead in his seat.