Wasp (1918)

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The prolific, if not exactly original or inspired, Willard Mack was responsible for the scenario upon which The Wasp was based. Kitty Gordon plays millionaire's daughter Grace Culver, also known as "The Wasp" because of her habit of using sarcasm as a conversational weapon. About to be forced into a marriage with the son of her dad's business partner, Grace escapes this fate with the help of her faithful chauffeur Harry Cortland (Rockliffe Fellowes). She falls in love with Harry, but he is turned off by her waspishness. For his sake, she drops the vitriol, whereupon he returns to her hometown to mediate a strike in her father's factory. It turns out that Harry is actually the son of a wealthy businessman, and that he took the chauffeur's job pseudonymously in hopes of making good on his own. Now satisfied by his daughter's choice in men, Grace's father gives his blessing to her marriage to Harry -- who, it is implied, has permanently removed the "Wasp's" sting.