Wanted - A Mother (1918)

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After the death of his wife, Dr. Homer (George MacQuarrie) buries himself in his work and forgets that his little girl Eileen (Madge Evans) needs his love and attention. Giuseppe, an Italian immigrant (Lionel Belmore), brings his son, Tony (Tommy Evans) to Dr. Homer, but the boy is so weak that his care is not successful and he dies. Giuseppe's grief-stricken rage is directed at the doctor, who is injured. One of the hospital's brain surgeons, Dr. Thelma Winter (Gerda Holmes), helps him home and she meets his daughter. That night Eileen dreams that Dr. Winter is her fairy godmother and, in her sleep, walks outside to the edge of a lake. She is rescued by Giuseppe, who believes she was sent to take Tony's place. He takes her home, but the next morning, she falls and hits her head while trying to climb down the fire escape. She is taken to the hospital, where Dr. Winter operates on her and saves her life. In a heartwarming finale, Dr. Homer hires Giuseppe as his gardener and Eileen finds a mother in Dr. Winter. ting with Larry Shayne (Frank Braidwood) for Nance Pelot (Leatrice Joy, in her pre-Cecil B. DeMille days). Nance, the daughter of a drunk, has inherited a valuable farm from her mother, and this seems to be what Shayne -- the son of a roadhouse keeper -is really after. Before Chet inevitably wins Nance, she has a run-in with her stuffy fellow New Englanders, the town's reverend (Bert Hadley) holds a revival meeting, and Nance's father (William Robert Daly) gets lost in a snowstorm. Obviously, the lack of quality here is the story's fault, not Willat's.