Walk In (1997)

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Following up on his War of the Underworld, Herman Yau Lai-to spins this horror-comedy about suicide and mystic Taoism. The film opens with beautiful lass Li Yi-wah (Jacqueline Wu Chien-lien) leaping from the top of a tall building only to walk away from the jump with a split lip. At exactly the same time, a gangland robbery is interrupted by the cops and a bloody gun battle ensues. When the smoke clears, gangster Chicken Wong (Danny Lee Sau-yin) is left in a coma while cop Tommy Cheung Chi-lik (Dayo Wong Chi-wah) is left crippled. Cheung's girlfriend Laura (Yu Li) learns Yi-wah was reborn after her jump as a Taoist mystic. From her, Laura learns about a spiritual transfer called a walk-in, which allows one spirit to possess the body of another person. Laura arranges for Cheung to make a similar transfer into Chicken's body. The leap proves to be successful but Cheung soon realizes that he has inherited all of Chicken's problems, including sexual dysfunction, a pile of gangland debt, and a weird incestuous sister.