Waiting Soul (1917)

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This morality play of the 'teens starts off with Grace Vaughn (Petrova) running off with married man Dudley Kent (Wyndham Standing). While sailing to England, they meet Mr. and Mrs. Hargrove. Mrs. Hargrove (Lottie Ford) tries to talk Grace out of ruining her life, but the girl won't listen. After a few months, Kent leaves Grace, as married man generally do, and she gets mixed up with a woman who runs a house of ill repute. She is saved from this situation by Willard Ashbrook (Roy Pilcher), who gets her work as a nurse. After several years of cleansing her mortal soul through being a caregiver, she meets a patient, Stuart Brinsley (Mahlon Hamilton). Brinsley is utterly devoted to her and they marry. When Grace becomes pregnant, she once again runs into John Hargrove (Wilfred deShields). Believing that her past is catching up with her, she decides to tell her husband the truth. But he is one step ahead of her -- it turns out he was friends with Willard Ashbrook and already knew, but even with that knowledge he accepted her just the same. Much to Grace's relief, their happiness remains untainted.