Waifs (1913)

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When Marjorie Whitney (Gladys Hulette) refuses to marry the man that her father (J. H. Gilmour) has chosen for her, he locks her in her room. But she climbs out a window and goes to live in a boarding house. The father and the young man, Elmer Poindexter (rotund comic actor Walter Heirs), create a plan -- they'll get Marjorie's landlady to go away for a few days, then Elmer will appear and stay at the house. This way, Marjorie will learn to love him. But this ludicrous plan is foiled time and time again. A burglar breaks into the house and attacks Marjorie, but she is saved by Fitzjames Powers (Creighton Hale), who was passing by. Powers stays on to protect her and is there when the burglar returns, in search of some securities that he knows are hidden in the house. Once again, Powers defeats the crook. Elmer calls on Marjorie's father to come to the house. He does so, and finds his daughter nursing Powers' wounds. The father realizes that Elmer is nothing more than a coward and gladly approves the pairing of Marjorie and Powers.