Virtuous Sinners (1919)

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Dawn Emerson (Wanda Hawley), an outcast wet from a rainstorm and exhausted from the streets, stumbles into a mission and is cared for by manager Eli Barker (Harry Holden) and his assistant, McGregor (Bert Woodruff). She's so grateful to the men that she decides to stay and help out. One night, she is leading the mission's throngs in a song which is heard by gentleman crook Hamilton Jones (Norman Kerry). Her voice intrigues him so he wanders in. Then he's so taken with the owner of the voice he immediately drops his wicked profession. The romance between Dawn and Hamilton develops until one day McGregor is seriously injured in an automobile accident. It will take a lot of money for the operation to save his life, so Hamilton goes back to his old line of work to get it. A stool pigeon (David Kirby) rats on him, and he is caught. McGregor dies and Hamilton goes to prison. Dawn remains faithful to him, though, and he is paroled early into her custody. The two lovers leave the mission for a better life. If this story strikes anyone as corny, keep in mind that the critics of the day shared the same opinion -- its press showing was accompanied by various snorts and hoots from the audience!