V.I.P. [TV Series] (1998)

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Something of a T&A version of Remington Steele, the hour-long syndicated adventure series V.I.P. starred the well-endowed Pamela Anderson Lee as Vallery Irons, who through a fluke was chosen to be head bodyguard for a third-rate security agency, renamed Vallery Irons Protection (V.I.P.) in her honor. Essentially hired as a figurehead, Vallery was expected to merely stand around, look gorgeous and attract clients while the real work was handled by V.I.P's dedicated owner-employees. Of course, Vallery insisted upon earning her keep and placing herself in harm's way as often as possible as she and her extremely attractive coworkers assumed the responsibility of safeguarding their high-profile clients. Also in the cast was Molly Culveras the brains of the outfit, ex-secret agent Tasha Decker; Natalie Raitano as munitions expert Nikki Franco; Shaun Baker as ex-boxer and armaments specialist Quick Williams; Leah Lail as V.I.P's obligatory bespectacled computer geek Kay Simmons; and, beginning in the series' third season, Dustin Nguyen as former Japanese martial-arts movie star Johnny Loh. Functioning as Vallery's best friend, severest critic and frequent partner-in-danger was Angelle Brooks as Maxine de la Cruz. While the principal selling angle of V.I.P. was the prospect of seeing the curvaceous Pamela Anderson Lee and her cohorts in various states of undress, the series also appealed to those who appreciated its tongue-in-cheek approach to all the high-tech derring-do. Also, a number of A-list celebrities showed up in cameo roles as various "clients" of the agency (though this gimmick was de-emphasized as the series rolled forward). V.I.P. remained in syndication for four seasons and 88 episodes, during which time its star divested herself of her husband Tommy Lee and altered her billing to just plain Pamela Anderson.