Violacion Fatal (1977)

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This deliberately-paced psychological horror film from director Leon Klimovsky stars Prince Heinrich Starhemberg as Daniel Azecaz, who comes to a remote country inn to work on his new book. The inn is owned by Veronica (Agata Lys) and her unseen invalid husband. Of course, it is obvious from the start that the husband exists only in Veronica's mind. Various couples stop by the inn, and most of them seem to have ingested Spanish Fly before their trip, disgusting Veronica, who is obviously terrified of sex. Soon, a black-gloved killer begins slashing the guests to death with a straight razor, but the real trouble begins when Daniel's obnoxious wife Elena arrives and sleeps with her husband, driving Veronica completely over the edge. The best scenes are those in the attic, where Veronica talks to her husband's empty chair and believes she is being forced to strip for him. A flashback reveals that Veronica had married a grotesquely macho man who tried to rape her on her wedding night, at which point the horrified bride slashed his throat in a panic. Agata Lys was, at one time, one of the most interesting performers in Spanish horror, and her psycho performance here is outstanding. Lys does a great deal with her eyes and communicates her fear, rage and madness at war with her feelings for Daniel with every slight twitch. Violacion Fatal has its flaws, but Lys' intensity makes the film an intriguing diversion.



fear, husband, imagination, invalid, mental-illness, murder, psychopath, rampage, sex, writing