Vampire (1915)

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Theda Bara may have been the "vamp" of the silver screen in 1915, but it was Olga Petrova who played the leading role in Metro's The Vampire. The story begins at a resort in the Adirondacks, where injured motorist Jane Lagrange (Petrova) is brought to recover from her wounds. Once she's out of danger, Jane proves to be a most bewitching "guest," and before long she has wrapped every one of the male hotel patrons around her little finger. She has a particularly powerful effect over married men, who need only take one look at Jane before deciding to desert their wives and families. Eventually, Jane is "invited" to leave the hotel, whereupon she embarks for Europe in search of more poor fools whom she can seduce. Such is her fame on the continent that she is known only as "The Vampire," loved by all but loving no one in return. All this changes when a handsome American arrives in Paris on a diplomatic mission. Falling deeply and truly in love with the American, Jane cannot bring herself to betray him as she has so many others. Guess who dies nobly at the end of this one.